Learn more about the school, its educational principles and activities for the development of your child.

Welcome to Killashee European Language and Multi-Denominational School.

We are an eight teacher primary school situated on our own site on the Kilcullen Road, the outskirts of the bustling town of Naas, and adjacent to Killashee House Hotel.

We are in today’s terms a small unique eight teacher school with just 205 highly motivated pupils, eight class teachers as well as support teachers and special needs assistants.

Killashee School adheres to a high standard of academics while maintaining a balance with social development. The school is also fully equipped to cater for students with physical disabilities.

We follow the full primary curriculum as prescribed by the Dept. of Education & Skills. Children achieve above national norms in standardised tests.

Expert tuition also provided in languages, sport and music including, orchestra and school choir.

We have an active parent association whose contributions are wide ranging from hospitality at school functions, family fun days, golf classic, seasonal celebrations to include a multi denominational service at Christmas. Children are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation at the request of parents.

Our Principles

Your child will be offered the opportunity to discover his/her strengths in a pleasant setting, emphasising a multi disciplinary approach enabling each child to achieve their full potential and unique sense of self.

Our Pupils

Through the standards of our teachers and facilities, combined with our collective ethos, we are committed to the education of the whole child.  We wish to provide inspiration as they start their educational lives, working to build a foundation of learning, respectfulness and confidence for life.

Our Parents

Killashee, the original boarding and day preparatory school, ran by the Sainte Union order, was closed in June 1998.  Parents of attending pupils were greatly concerned of the original school’s impending closure.

By September 1998, through the efforts and commitment of parents, the school was re-opened as a National Multidenominational school in the old premises.  The same parents established the “Board of Management” to run the school, and an independent Patron, “Friends of Killashee”.

The development and further progress of our school is dependent on the support and imagination of our parents, improving the educational and facilities our school.

Our History

The original Killashee National School was founded in 1927 by the La Sainte Union order. In 1998 the nuns sold the property and closed the school.

At this time a very courageous group of parents decided to build a new school, a school which would embrace the virtues, history and the culture of excellence and respect which was the corner stone of the old school.

This group of forward thinking parents decided that a Multi Denominational primary school would best fulfil their aspirations of reaching out to the greater community and share the uniqueness of our school with a much wider populous.