International Day

Our first International Day was celebrated on the 24th of May. Organised by Ms. Boström, Ms. Ennis and the Student Council. It was a fantastic day that was enjoyed by all. 
We had 20 food stalls representing countries from all around the world and are very thankful to all the parents and students that prepared lots of delicious food. Each class decorated their door as part of a school wide competition run by the Student Council. 3rd class were our winners and they were representing South Africa. 
We also had a whole school assembly with songs sung in different languages for our very own ‘Killashee Song Contest’. Each class had been learning about a country chosen by the Student Council and learned a song in the language spoken in that country. 4th class were our winners and they represented Equador/Spain
There was a great buzz in the school and we are very much looking forward to future International Day celebrations!


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